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How ready are we for the second half of Paradise (Pair a dice as in gambling) WEATHER (WX)? affraid TORNADO SEASON has started late this year, but it has started. Where's the safest room(s) in your house? No windows-4 walls close together i.e. closet, bathroom, pantry, storage room, etc.). Got a NOAA WX radio, flashlight(s), first-aid kit, water etc. stored in there? Nothing sharp or heavy stored on shelves? What warning(s) will you get? How much time will you have to get to the "safe room"? Get on the floor, cover with a mattress, pillows over the face, Do your kids know what to do? What the plan is? What's for supper tonight (good conversation material)?

June begins the HURRICANE SEASON. Got a "PLAN"? Shocked Stay or Go (Go No Go)? When? Where? What do you take if you do go; valuables, insurance papers, utility bills, emergency phone numbers, pet(s), CASH, water, food, reservations? What protection do you have for your house? Got a current video of the house inside and out? What are the posted evacuation routes? If you decide to stay, are you and your family prepare? Utilities on or off (where are the "shut off valves)? Crying or Very sad Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance (5-PPPPP's)! Have (or get a plan-checklist) cheers .[b][u]


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