Repaving and reworking of Southbay Streets

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Repaving and reworking  of Southbay Streets Empty Repaving and reworking of Southbay Streets

Post  TOMKREBS on Thu Apr 11, 2013 6:35 pm

The Association Board has requested the Escambia County Road Department evaluate two of our subdivision streets for repaving. The two streets, Southbay Drive and Gulf Bay Lane, were not resurfaced during the last subdivision resurfacing program and are now in dire need of attention. Additionally, we have requested the intersection of Blue Sky Drive and Southsky Drive be evaluated for redesign. The intersection collects run-off water and is wet most of the time. The roadway needs to be re-worked to allow for better drainage. On March 7th the County Roads Department conducted the survey. We are presently awaiting their findings. Additional information on the repaving and reworking project will be posted upon receipt. Association Board Vice President Rich Van Dover is our project officer.

May 11, 2013 update: Escambia County Road Department has advised us that we are not due for road resurfacing for another four years. However, they do inspect the roads annually and could move us up on the list if they see the need to do so. Additionally, the Road Department intends to correct the drainage problem on Blue Sky Drive when that road is resurfaced.

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