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Post  TOMKREBS on Mon Mar 03, 2014 3:40 pm

On February 22, 2014 a white male, posing as a tax adviser, contacted one of our residents in an apparent attempt to gain personal information.  He told the homeowner he was from H & R Block Tax Services and that he was there to resolve a problem with her last tax return.  He requested she show him the return.  She became suspicious and asked the man to leave.  The homeowner then called me and advised me of the incident.  I called the Sheriff's Department and relayed all the information to them.  The suspicious person was a white male, completely shaved head, around 6 foot one or two inches tall, stoutly built.  He was wearing a blue jacket, dark trousers, and dark shoes. He did not show the resident any form of identification.  He was driving a bronze colored Chevrolet pick-up truck with Florida tags.  As far as is know the person did not actually get any personal information from any of our residents...BUT HE DID TRY TO DO SO.   Residents are cautioned to be ever watchful of suspicious activity of any sort and to immediately report such activity to the Sheriff's Department at 436-9620.

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