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Time to Time we will list relevent crime prevention and safety tips. (That's TIPS - Timely Information Prevention Safety)

1. Crime Prevention- Most crimes in the subdivision are targets of opportunity. We unintentionally "invite" the act. Most of the time it is really common sense activities e.g.

A. Don't leave your garage door open while unattended. Suspect
B. Lock your car when you leave it.
C. Don't leave "high value items" i.e. cellophane, Ipads, laptops, camera's in "plain view" such as on the car seats.
D. Watch who comes and goes on your street, get to know your neighbors, familair with the cars in the area. Especially slow moving vehicles that look like they DON'T belong in the neighborhood.
E. Do NOT use your mailbox to send anything with currency, account numbers, checks, MO, personal information. Use the PO or a mail drop box.
F. Lastly, Light is a deterrent to criminal activity. Motive detecting lights in dark areas are an excellenbt deterrent and economical. Wink

Prevention and Safety are awariness to potential and actual situations, and doing something about it


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