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Post  TOMKREBS on Tue Apr 09, 2013 2:13 pm

Starting on March 1st the Southbay Homeowners' Association Board members conducted visual checks of each residence to determine the level of resident compliance with our covenants. Forty-two residences were found to have violations. The largest number of violations came from residents not properly storing their refuse and recycle containers.

Article VI, Section 11 requires that all trash and garbage cans be shielded from view from the street or adjacent property EXCEPT during the hours of normal collection. The majority of the residences found to be in compliance with this covenant have erected a screen to shield the cans from view. Other residences have planted bushes at the house corner and store their cans behind them. Either way is a good way to get into compliance.

Four residences were found in violation of the covenant governing the storage of non-operational vehicles, boats, trailers, etc., in their driveways. Article VI, Section 7 contains a clearly defined definition of what type of vehicles MAY NOT be stored in driveways. All residents are encouraged to become familiar with this covenant. It should be noted that each residence in Southbay has a minimum of six parking spaces. Residences requiring more than the allotted parking spaces must either construct additional concrete parking spaces or park their vehicles elsewhere. Please note that even if you do construct additional parking spaces, only operational vehicles as described in the cited reference are permitted to be parked there.

Association board members will conduct unannounced follow-up visits to residences cited for violations. Continued refusal to comply with the covenants may result in the Association initiating legal proceedings against the resident as outlined in Chapter 720, Florida State Statutes. Our project manager is Tom Krebs.

May 11, 2013 update: The compliance to our covenants level has increased dramatically in the past two months. Southbay is looking a lot better! That said, we still do not have everyone "on board" and must continue to stress covenant compliance to a few "non-believers". Rest assured we will do exactly that. We are in the process of contacting the property managers of our rental properties and providing them with copies of our covenants. In each case we are requesting the property manager advise their client of the requirement to know of and comply with the Southbay Covenants.


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